Mitchell Consulting Group is a professional services consulting business dedicated to assisting public and nonprofit organizations in meeting their needs for diversity and inclusion.

For over 25 years, Vernetta Mitchell has created, managed, and assessed supplier diversity programs in both the public and private sectors industries.  The most recent 11 years, she managed several dozen utilization, availability, and disparity studies, and program evaluations for clients across the county.  Working long and hard with these agencies,  she saw a need to help prepare public agencies for the critical tasks involved in completing a comprehensive disparity study.  The internal and external coordination of information, data preparedness, and project management were often overwhelming for clients conducting a study for the first time.  Vernetta has first-hand knowledge and experience successfully guiding agencies through the process. By fully engaging with you from start to finish, Mitchell Consulting Group will embrace your goals and objectives creating upward mobility in your diversity and inclusion desired outcomes .

Our mission is to support and enhance supplier diversity that creates the foundation for the economic growth of small businesses.




Mitchell Consulting Group, LLC

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